King's Empire Puppets War event

8:28 pm

For this event, the nearest puppet (and the most loved) is the blue ones and I would like to get those Blnking Parts so I could turn them into Meat Grinders later. Demon Souls puppets are too faraway from my cities.
Here is how a puppet look like, only different in colours. They all appear as Level 1 puppets and UPLEVEL after each attack. So this level 2 puppet was a level 1 before.
Scout first! Intel shows only woodrn pupets there with no resources. Each level increment will increase the number of Wooden puppets in 3 folds. These puppets have 240 attack points, pretty good defense against cavalry and infantry attacks, and weak siege defense.
Nice! Very easy to defeat the level 1 puppets. It gives you 1 point (only).
These two attacks were on different Level 2 blue puppets. My problem is very few elite troops because I just lost an extensive number on my last defense in a PVP battle. Ok so focus on the Squire number. Send more Squire to minimize deaths of other soldier types. It is betterbto send the Dragon soldiers on this type of mission.
As the above intel shows almost 60K of  dangerous wooden puppets in a level 3 blue puppet, I do not have any intention to further attack it. My elite troop count is still too small. I still need a few more days to recover.

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