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12:03 pm

Alhamdulillah, I managed to whip up the above blog in about 6 hours yesterday then wrote an essay on the process of creating the blog. A colleague who is now continuing her study asked me to do it, it is not my blog. I am glad I did it yesterday because she needs the writing to be shown to her lecturer today to make sure if that is the content that students should be presenting. I thought emotional disturbances in school children was an interesting subject and found a few things on the internet to aid me in organizing the blog.  The posts there looked as if I have done the work in two weeks! As for the essay, I remembered talking about a similar task with my sister when she was studying in 2003 with her ICT related subject. The assignment was to create a learning software using flash application. Students had to present the whole thing in it from font size, font type, colour scheme, sounds, buttons, images and related stuff. That was what I wrote in the essay- according to my understanding. I could not do anything earlier this week for I was looking after little Zafran again hospitalized after a few episodes of seizure last weekend.
UPSR related work is my target today. I must complete a name list, exam halls seating and labeling. Wish me ganbatte!

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