6 hari di wad kanak-kanak hospital kajang

9:52 am

Zafran had frequent seizures again last weekend. He had 2 episodes at home then 2 more in the ward. Doctor started him on phenytoin and its maintenance for 3 days. The spasm and jerking stopped on Monday evening. Doctor monitored him until Wednesday morning and allowed us to go home in the afternoon, but baby still need to stay for his MRI procedure the next day. MRI is a photography session of the internal body parts by means of magnetic vibration. For that, we went to Hosp. Ampang because the machine only available there. The ambulance driver took the kampung road to that hospital in the morning and went ne-no-ne-no all the way. Besides the 2 of us, another young patient and her mom, a doctor and a nurse came along. I have earlier tucked baby to sleep quite late so that he would be sleeping when the doctor sedates him for a patient needs to hold still during the half an hour procedure. Thank goodness we succeeded. We got back at Hosp. Kajang at about 2pm, had lunch and waited for the doctor to give consent for discharge. I was really nervous because at 4:45pm, doctor still had not come for afternoon round. At almost 6, doctor finally allowed us to go home. We waited for daddy to fetch us and arrived safely at about 8pm. Third day of coming home, hope Zafran will continue being well.

Had a little ga-ga fun at the hospital.

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