7:15 pm

What a week!
Kesian MyVi aku, met with an accident on Tuesday evening at about 4:30pm on my way home from Kajang just about 200m away from the traffic light and exit into Sunway Semenyih. The car I hit from the back, an Iswara just scratched a bit and I did not see any damage. The driver was a lady who looks younger than me. How should I say it, we were both shaken but she was calmer, asked me to call my husband. Thanks for thinking it out for me. She did not ask for any compensation.

Later daddy took a look at it and suggested that I do not make insurance claim. So did my brother, saying that the damage looked minor. He suggested that I discuss the cost first with the workshop and make insurance claim if it was too costly.

Then the next day thankfully I could drive my dented MyVi to work. A few colleagues saw the damage and I told them what happened. A few recommended a workshop nearby the school and I took it there in the afternoon. I decided to send it for repair on Friday then after a discussion at home, I sent it on Thursday at about 10am when the workshop just opened. The work was all done at about 5pm and I was already home by 5:45pm. The repair cost me 400 bucks. Not yet repainted, but it was still very much o.k. So today I was already driving it as if nothing has happened (in my mind :)

I came home early as soon as work ended to get some rest before I went out again to the nearest klinik desa to open a maternity check up book, but have to come again next Tuesday because Tuesday is the day reserved for pregnant mothers from my housing area for that purpose. Next Tuesday is o.k  because school will hold a function and no need to personally attend to classes.

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