king's empire plundered resources guide

9:36 pm

o.k tonight let's see if anybody wants to find out about how much resources that can be looted from the npcs in king's empire.

If you need lots of woods, you need to find a level 11 Robbers camp, but be aware that you could only get 400k of food. With 2 five star runes, I could send a small troop to attack this camp. The mildest of the npcs.
The middle difficulty npc, an Ashka Brotherhood camp has quite a balanced amount of resouces, and the food there is the most abundant amongst the npcs.
The Scarlet Crusader camps are the most difficult to abolish yet you will get the most iron here.
A little game update- see the circle with image in it in front of training buildings? This shows that certain units are being trained in the building. The map has also been updated.

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