went to hospital awam Klang

12:31 pm

Bengang because we have to install this fb messenger thingy alongside the fb app itself. FB app itself takes up an extensive space.
So blah with that. I just open the browser, log into fb account and access messages from there.
well, the actual story is here. yesterday we went to klang general hospital for Danny to undergo EEG the electroencephalogram procedure. Some wires were fixed temporarily on his head part and his brain waves were recorded- something like that. He was given some syrup to initiate sleep but it did not seem to have any effect since baby slept in the car on our way to the hospital. He just looked drunk and not at all sleepy. The doctor gave another dose one third than the first one and still not sleeping. at noon, the EEG technician suggested that we hold Danny in the blanket while he  fix the wires and carry out the procedure, or we would have to come at another time. It is just with the binding of child, parents may feel uncimfortable watching their child crying and trying to get up. At lunch, we decided to go with binding his hands in the blanket than waiting or coming back. Baby was crying so hard, trying to get out. we just continued on, not concentrating on the downside of it, while daddy tried to cheer him up with his favourite wheel on the bus song. Fixing the wires took about half an hour and the procedure took another half an hour. Everything was done in that one hour and baby calmed down as soon as the wires were taken off.
Challenging day for baby. He was feeling dizzy and confused from the sleeping medication, thus the overwhelming crying. He looked pretty drunk, really.

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