King's Empire Obtaining Sanctuary Protection frm Ancient Sanctuaries

9:40 pm

We are on the verge of server merge!! Anyway ...

I logged in just now and saw ancient sanctuaries.

Today's aim.
A few sanctuaries nearby.
Don't forget to use Guardian Angel.
Troops sent.
Not much of casualties.
Revived troops.
No resources obtained but got some items including the sanctuary protection.
A system email sent to announce the success.
O.K now try to use it.
Battle stat.
In this example, from 89 squire casualty, 80 of them were sent to be healed. Fron the 56 unfortunate paladins, 50 of them were healed. And so on. Hope you get the idea of this sanctuary protection.
This time, the Holy Clergy managed to cast his magic.
Second time lucky, as well as the painited!

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